About Us

Glowlite Candles isn't just a a wholesale to the public wedding candle making company.  There's a real life person behind it and her name is Eli "Short for Elizabeth but it's long and I have to type my name like 400 times a day so I shortened is to Eli."

 Eli loves wax, does't matter what type, you give this gal a few pounds of something to melt down, she's guaranteed to make something interesting with it.  Eli enjoys bringing her friends fun candles with amazing scents.  Whether it's dozens of floating lotus candles for a dearest friends wedding or a 3 wick candle that'll scent their entire house.  Her friends loved the candles so much they keep asking for more and more and more,  so she started making more and more and BAM Glowlite Candles was born.    And now you get to experience what her friends have been loving for so long.

Eli pours and forms every single candle by hand in her Arizona studio. 


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