Top five summer wedding colors 2024

Five most popular summer weddings color palettes

Classic black and white may be traditional favorites and although they can stand the test of time in the world of weddings, modern brides are all about experimenting with color.  Brides are getting creative while planning their 2024 summer weddings by combining classic minimalist styles and nature inspired colors, mixing and matching colors, ombre styling or choosing a sophisticated single pop of color.

What colors are brides and grooms choosing for their summer 2024 weddings? Don’t worry we got you covered.

1.  Dusty Blue

Dusty blue is subtly romantic and full of endless possibilities.  When paired with greenery the effect is gorgeous, stylish and so fresh that its nearly perfect for any season. 


2. Wild Flower Bouquet

“love is like wildflowers; Its often found in the most unlikely places” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wildflower themed weddings have been one of the most popular summer 2024 wedding color combinations we’ve seen this year.  But don’t be overwhelmed with the endless opportunity of colors in a wild flower bouquet. Cool blues, verdant greens and muted pinks are breathtaking colors and bring a natural and authentic color scheme to your wedding day.


3.  Bold Magentas

If you think these are so 2023 (pantones color of the year) think again.  To leave your guests speechless, go for the glamorous vibrant crimsons paired with shades of pink.  It is the color of love after all.


4. Natural Greens

Natural, light tones of Sage, forest, olive and moss are bridal favorites for a reason.  Versatility.  Naturally green hues are classically elegant, sophisticated enough for a palatial estate, charming for a back yard soirée and everything in between.


5. Desert Rose

Summer 2024 weddings are ripe with blushy dusty rose pink hues, either as an accent or the main color. Pair with soft earthy tones or demurred hues for the perfect shade of warm elegance.