Sweet Surrender Wax Melt

Sweet Surrender Wax Melt

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Complex fragrance? not really. Hard to describe? Yup. How does crisp and airy with a fluffy sweetness of strawberry sound.  you may want lick it.  (don't do that) but when you put it in your warmer you'll be like WHOA that is a crisp, airy, fluffy strawberry sweetness.

Each pack contains 1 wax melt weighing appx 2.3oz.  Wax melts can be easily cut to size to fit your wax melter. Use one or more melts, mix and match to create a scent uniquely your own.

Each wax melt is hand poured and made with an all natural parasoy wax blend for maximum fragrance concentration and scent throw.  All melts are compatible with Scentsy as well as a variety of other electric and bulb warmers.  Our personal favorite are the hot plate warmers by Ashland