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Love Letter Box

Love Letter Box

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We picked 10 of our most love inspiring fragrances and filled this adorable mailbox with em, then we sealed them shut with a sweet love printed washi tape.

Forever Rose: Rose bud shaped wax melt. Wt .16 oz. Freshly picked red roses, geranium, heliotrope, vanilla bean and oak moss.

Pucker Up: Lip shaped wax melt. Wt. .35 oz Sweet, tart and fruity. Pucker up babe!

XOXO: Wt. .24 oz Juicy peach, bergamot & apple blossoms with jasmine and rose petals.

Love Bomb: Heart shaped wax melt Wt. .2 oz Jasmine, rose, pink freesias, bergamot with green tea, poppies and sandalwood.

Sweet Surrender: Donut shaped wax melt Wt. .5 oz A fluffy sweetness with a hint of strawberry.

Orchid & Amber Pink Heart shaped wax melt Wt. .23 oz Exotic pink orchids, apricots and soft vanilla amber.

Raspberry Truffle: Brown heart shaped wax melt. Wt .4 oz Dark Belgium chocolate with pink peppercorns and raspberry cream.

Raspberry Vanilla: Red heart shaped wax melt. Wt .17 oz Raspberries, blackberries, black currant, citrus blossoms and a dollop of fresh vanilla creme.

Say Something: Purple heart shaped wax melt. Wt. .35 oz Cotton candy, neroli, jasmine and orange.

Cupids Kiss Red square shaped wax melt. Wt. .2 oz A sweet kiss of white lilies and peach with vanilla musk and amber.

Wax melts have been tested in a variety of electric and bulb warmers. Our personal favorites are hot plate warmers by Ashland. electric and bulb warmers.

* * INSTRUCTIONS * * Remove all packaging, place wax melt in warmer. Wax melts can be easily cut to size to fit your wax melter. Use one or more melts, mix and match to create a scent uniquely your own. You can re-melt wax melts until the fragrance is no longer noticeable. Use only in appropriate warmers designed for wax or UL listing warmers approved for wax.

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