Zombie Brain Candles in a Jar.
Zombie Brain Candles in a Jar.

Zombie Brain Candles in a Jar.

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Not scary at all, just kinda gross. When your brains arrive you are welcomed to display them on a mantel and impress your family or a distant relative who comes for a visit.
Make sure you place your brain candle on a flat, candle safe dish or candle holder before lighting, due to the brainy design and textures of this candle some leakage and dripping may occur when lit..... So protect your surfaces.

Since we have no idea what Zombie Brains actually smell like, we scented these soy wax blended brain candles in a fresh cotton with just a hint of fall spice fragrance.

What you get: 5 green brain candles that measure about 2 inches and 1 glass jar with lid that measures about 5 1/2 inches tall by 4 1/4 wide.

The brain candles will be packaged separate from the jar for shipment, we don't want any brain damage do we? Which means you'll have to put the brains in the jar yourself.

If you already have your own jar that you want to fill with brain candles you can purchase a bag o' brains refill pack here.