Bag O' Brains candles
Bag O' Brains candles

Bag O' Brains candles

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Yeah, its just like it sounds, a bag o' brains candle.  You get 5 green brain scented in a fresh cotton fragrance.

When your brains arrive you are welcomed to display them on a mantel, fill a jar with them to impress your family or a distant relative who comes for a visit.
Make sure you place your brain candle on a flat, candle safe dish or candle holder before lighting, due to the brainy design and textures of this candle some leakage and dripping may occur when lit..... So protect your surfaces.

Each brain measures about 2 inches in diameter and stand roughly 1 1/4 tall. All of our candles are hand poured and hand made so no two candles will ever be exactly the same.

The brain candles will be packaged individually before being lovingly shoved in yet another bag. we don't want any brain damage during shipment do we?

Want some brains candles AND a jar?